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TEL 020 8958 9393.

We do not open on Bank Holiday Weekends

Price List

Lens Type

Cost Per Pair

Single Vision From

£ 10.00

1.5 Index 10% Thinner Single Vision (Aspheric )

£ 40.00

1.6 Index 20% Thinner Single Vision with Antireflection


1.67 Index 33% Thinner Single Vision with Antireflection


1.74 Index 40% Thinner Single Vision with Antireflection


Single Vision Transitions® Lenses *


Bifocals From

£ 25.00

Bifocals Transitions® Lenses *


Budget Varifocals

£ 45.00

Standard Varifocals


Premium Varifocals From


Varifocal Transitions® Lenses *

£ 180.00 to £310.00

Additional Charges

Fitting lenses to own frame at your own risk

£ 5 to £ 20

Tints (Plastic Lenses)

£ 5.00 to £10

Tints Graduated (Plastic Lenses)

£ 10.00 to 20

Scratch Resistant

£ 5.00

Multi Anti Reflection Coating

£ 25.00 to £45.00


£ 10.00

All customers frames are handled at customers own risk

* Transitions is a registered trademark of Transitions Optical Inc.



Monday to Friday…... 09:00 – 17:00

Sunday……………..….10:00 – 13:00

We do not open on Bank Holiday Weekends


As Varifocal Specialist’s

we are currently supplying the New

8th Generation Lenses


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Bus Routes from Edgware Station: 113 186 288


·Save up to 3/4 of the normal retail price.

·Cheaper than any television advertised deal.

·Over 2,500 frames to chose from our display.

·Frames from £10.00.

·Single Vision Lenses from £10.00 per pair.

·Bifocals from £25.00 per pair.

·Varifocals from £45.00 per pair.

·Your own plastic lenses made into sunglasses for just £5.00.

·We fill any prescription or duplicate existing spectacles.

·Most single vision spectacles can be made while you wait in about 15 minutes.

·Sorry we do not make Glasses for children.


Fastlens are Wholesale Spectacle Makers open to the public and situated on the A41, in Edgware.

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A little local knowledge is very valuable which is why thousands of people every year get their eyes tested at their Normal Optician and then bring their Prescription to us to be made, often saving Hundreds of Pounds in the process. A typical family could save £1,000.00 a year on the cost of their glasses and compared with other opticians offering “Half Price Sales”, Fastlens Prices, in many cases are still half their price.

If you don’t have a copy of your prescription but have a current pair of Glasses we can even copy those but we advise not to copy Varifocals. You can also ask your Optician for a Copy of your Prescription providing it is current he has to give it to you and can’t refuse. At Fastlens we don’t test Eyes, we just make Glasses offering Big Savings. Most Single Vision Spectacles can be made while you wait in about 15 minutes but you have to pay by Cash or Cheque as we do not have the facility to take any Credit or Debit Cards.

Fastlens specialise in Varifocal Lenses also known as Progressive Lenses and can supply any brand. Our staff on the premises have over 235 years of combined experience in the actual manufacturing of Lenses and Frames.

Fastlens are Wholesale Spectacle Makers situated on the A41, in Edgware. Bus Routes from Edgware Station: 113 186 288.

Week Day Parking is easy with Pay by Phone and the first Half Hour is Free but you still have to phone to advise of your arrival. Alternatively you can just park around the corner where there are no Parking Restrictions and on Sunday when Fastlens are open from 10:00 to 13:00 the Parking Zone is not operating.

We are providing a community service here, not everyone can afford to pay £400 or more for their spectacles and as Manufacturers we are able to supply them for considerably less which makes a visit truly worthwhile. Compared with other opticians offering half price sales, Fastlens prices, in many cases are still half their price.


We don’t test eyes we just make spectacles, offering true savings.


You can phone Fastlens on 020 8958 9393.


Own Risk Explained

While we are happy to make adjustments to your Spectacles or fit New Lenses into your own Used Frames there is a risk that your Frames or Lenses can break in the process, although this is very rare and possibly only occurs in less than 1% of cases.

Spectacles are subjected to forces during their Normal Daily Wear that they were not designed for and cannot withstand. Accidental knocks and falling asleep while wearing them are just two examples of how your Spectacles can become damaged or fatigued but the most common form of damage is caused from putting them on and pulling them off using just one Hand and that damage is not always apparent.

With age, Metal Frames become fatigued and Plastic Frames become Brittle, the fitting of new Lenses and the adjustments which have to be made in our Workshop disturb parts that can break or that may already be broken. It is for these reasons that we cannot be responsible for damage to your own Frames or Lenses where it appears to have been caused by our handling.

Even New Frames can break while being fitted with Lenses or being adjusted and in this case the Frame would be deemed to be Faulty. When we supply the Frame we can return it to it’s Supplier for replacement however if you have supplied your own New Frame then it would have to be returned by you to wherever it was purchased.

It is always a better option to keep your Old Spectacles as a Spare and buy a Complete New Pair as opposed to fitting New Lenses to a Used Frame.


You can call us on: 020 8958 9393


Last Updated on 06/01/2019

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